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Ridge Christian Academy

2168 Ridge Church Road
Summerville, SC  29483
(843) 873-9856
  Business Hours
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Ridge Christian Academy's School Philosophy
Ridge Christian Academy was established in 1991 as an educational ministry of Ridge Baptist Church. The day school and after school program provided an opportunity for the church to reach out into the community in a new light. By having this ministry it allowed the church to help develop Christ like character in the lives of children that attended the school as well as the church. Believing God's Word that “I know the plans I have for you,” Ridge believed that children should be provided an opportunity to have a better understanding of God's Word and thereby develop a personal relationship with Christ.
Ridge Christian Academy is founded on the belief that Christian teaching presented in a Christian environment will enhance a child's educational experience. A child will be made aware of the world around him and be taught a Christian worldview. This will help the child become a whole person emotionally, physically and aid in the spiritual development, as he grows older. The academy will present the good news of God's love to every child that attends. As children grow in this environment the academy's prayer is that each one will respond in faith to Jesus Christ.
Mission Statement
Ridge Christian Academy is a Christian school that is dedicated to providing an all-encompassing, Christ centered curriculum for each student. To provide a Christian environment for each student so that each student can reach the highest possible level physically, spiritually, socially and intellectually that God has planned.
Statement of Beliefs
God is the ultimate source of truth.
The Bible is to be our guidebook for life.
A Christian education will help give life direction.
Christian schools along with parents, help prepare a young person for life as an adult.
Ridge Christian Academy's main responsibility is to provide a college preparatory education with outstanding academics in a Christian setting.
Statement of Goals
To always look to God for guidance in planning the future.
To present the Gospel to learners so that a decision to have a personal relationship with God would become a reality.
To provide a safe atmosphere for learners to excel.
To provide an atmosphere for faculty and staff that will promote Christian values.
To help promote an environment for continued spiritual and professional growth for the staff of Ridge Christian Academy.
To provide increased levels of service to family members and the commuinity.
To maintain and increase resources and facilities that will promote academic excellence.

K3 & K4
1st-6th grade
7th -12th grade

10% discount off tuition for 2 or more children enrolled in our nursery/school program at Ridge.
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